Filtration (202?)

Filtration is the sequel to Quaternion and is my current project. Filtration takes the ball-rolling puzzle platformer gameplay introduced in Quaternion and adds new elements such as robotic enemies, more collectibles, and a new system for upgrades to the ball. Unlike Quaternion, which is a mod, Filtration is made in the Unity engine as a standalone game.

Filtration isn't out yet, but you can follow the progress of its development and download a demo for Windows on its website.

Connect-X (2020)

Inspired by an original concept envisioned by Owen Maitzen, Connect-X is a puzzle game based on mathematics. Bubbles containing numbers are connected by arrows representing various numerical relationships, such as one number being a multiple of the other. The game has fifty levels to solve at your own pace, accompanied by a calm piano soundtrack.

Connect-X is available on Steam for Windows and Linux here, and you can listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud.

Quaternion (2017)

Quaternion is a total-conversion modification of the game Marble Blast Gold, which is a ball-rolling platform game released in 2003. Quaternion puts a new spin on the game, adding a central hub level and more puzzle-oriented gameplay, as well as modernized graphics and physics.

You can download Quaternion for Windows here, and you can listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud or download it here. I've also released some unused tracks as a bonus album!

Resonance (2013)

Resonance is a maze game that takes place in total darkness, without any visual feedback whatsoever. There are no graphics in the entire game; you must navigate using a sound-based system that indicates what you have in front of you. Push blocks and avoid traps and enemies in fifty perplexing levels.

You can download Resonance for Windows here, Mac here, Linux here, and you can download .mp3 files of the soundtrack here.

Quintuplication (2011)

Quintuplication is an abstract game based around exploration and curiosity. Journey through an endless supply of iterations of five randomly generated worlds, trying to slowly find and unlock their secrets. Walking into anything may grant you an important clue or even transport you to another world.

You can download Quintuplication for Windows here, Mac here, and you can download .mp3 files of the soundtrack here.

Stoichios (2011)

Stoichios is a virtual card game based around the classical system of four elements. Featuring card-shedding gameplay similar to games such as Mau Mau and Uno with powerful "mage" cards, Stoichios can be played alone or with friends. Use the mages to help get rid of all your cards in order to become the champion.

You can download Stoichios for Windows here, and you can download .mp3 files of the soundtrack here.